Respite Care

Respite care in Prestwich

Oak Lodge Care Home provides professional respite care enabling carers to have a well deserved break from their caring duties. Respite care can also be employed when the need for specialist care is required for a short period of time, for instance when an operation has been carried out and the patient requires more intensive care than can be provided by the regular carer within a home environment. The average period of time for respite care is between one and two weeks. Oak Lodge Care Home is situated in Prestwich, but we also provide respite care for people within the surrounding area, please call us to discuss your needs.

Our aim is to make respite care a very positive experience; with our modern facilities we deliver a standard of care that is far beyond the level of care that can be provided within a home environment. Our respite care staff have the knowledge and aptitude to ensure only the best care throught the respite care period.

Benefits to respite care

Due to the social environment at Oak Lodge Care Home, a short sty with us can be very beneficial to the general well-being of the visitor. We have many activities scheduled to ensure our visitors have a healthy level of social interaction with one another.

With this in mind respite care breaks can be enjoyed on a regular basis, we have people who visit our home every couple of months as they may not be subject to high levels of social interaction at home. Regular visits lead to ongoing friendships and familiarity with the care home environment.

Change of environment and opportunity for new experiences

Respite care can be of huge benefit to visitors to the home who are used to spending prolonged periods of time within a home environment. We offer regular stimulating leisure activities to ensure our residents remain motivated. Respite visitors to the home are encouraged to take part in our activities so their stay is of maximum benefit. We have a range of activities suited to all.

Preparing for full time residential care

A respite care stay can be a good introduction to full time care, getting to know the existing residents and staff of the care home can enable a smooth transition once the time comes for full time care. A gradual introduction to the care environment so that the move is as stress free as possible can be very advantageous to our long term residents.

A break for carers

A respite visit to our care home can be of massive benefit to the carer, a well earned break from the demanding role of carer is vital to ensure the well-being of both the person being cared for and the carer themselves. Often we have respite care visitors to the home whilst their carer or carers take a holiday or a short break.